Nanne Zwiep- Died for speaking his mind.

It is very easy to judge in retrospect. It is true that the Dutch could have and should have done more for their Jewish neighbours. However when even speaking out about the Nazi regime could get you arrested and even killed, it is understandable that people were reluctant to act, To be honest I wouldContinue reading “Nanne Zwiep- Died for speaking his mind.”

The Dutch Churches protest.

I can’t deny the fact that the Dutch could have done more during WWII, and esepcially in relation to helping their Jewish fellow citizens. But on the other hand it is easy for me to judge because I was never put in a situation where I had to choose between aiding a neighbor with aContinue reading “The Dutch Churches protest.”

Karl Friedrich Stellbrink-Lübeck martyr.

Karl Friedrich Stellbrink was one of the 4 Lübeck Martyrs.I could have done a blog on all 4 but the reason why I chose Stelbrink is three fold. He was the only non Catholic clergy man of the 4. He was the first to be arrested. His wife was also victimized. All four men wereContinue reading “Karl Friedrich Stellbrink-Lübeck martyr.”

The Aryan Jesus.

The Christian churches in the third reich and also outside the third reich had 3 approaches to the Nazis policies. They rejected the policies and actively resisted it.Churches like Confessing Church. and men like Dietrich Bonnhoefer. Or the catholic priest Hugh O’Flaherty resisted the Nazis and their ideologies and actively resisted the Nazi regime. They wereContinue reading “The Aryan Jesus.”

The forgotten victims of Dachau-The Christian Clergy.

(picture above:The Blessed Antoni Zawistowski was tortured and died at Dachau in 1942,courtesy Falco van Delft) Dachau became the camp where 2,720 clergymen were sent, including 2,579 Catholic Priests. The priests at Dachau were separated from the other prisoners and housed together in several barrack buildings in the rear of the camp. There were 1,780Continue reading “The forgotten victims of Dachau-The Christian Clergy.”