The rape and the murder of 7 year old Patricia Wylie- A WWII crime story.

The Republic of Ireland remained neutral throughout WWII. However Northern Ireland,which was and still is, part of the UK did not stay neutral. On  January 26 1942 the first US troops arrived in Belfast. It must have given the people of Northern Ireland mixed feelings, On one hand they must have had the realization thatContinue reading “The rape and the murder of 7 year old Patricia Wylie- A WWII crime story.”

Flight MH17-Never forget.

Today marks the 4th anniversary of the killing of 298 passengers of flight MH17. Four years on and still no one is brought to justice. The contrary is true, some of those responsible. and this includes those who are complacent and are vetoing part of the investigation, are being wined and dined and are evenContinue reading “Flight MH17-Never forget.”

The end of Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Champion Barrow, aka Bonnie & Clyde are often portrayed as some sort of Robin Hood style heroes, , in fact they were ruthless criminals with very little regard for their victims. They were two young Texans whose early 1930s crime spree forever earned them infamy  in US and world history. Their namesContinue reading “The end of Bonnie and Clyde”

How the West was convicted! Wait,What?

I know all these W’s in the title would nearly make you dizzy , unfortunately there are more to come. What happens if you are arrested and brought to jail and it is claimed you were there before and you know you weren’t but there is an eye witness placing you there. This happened toContinue reading “How the West was convicted! Wait,What?”

Soul Asylum’s Runaway Train- The story behind it.

This is a very personal blog for me.Not because I was personally involved in it, because I wasn’t, but because it really touched me emotionally. Although I am don’t suffer from depression myself that is really what the song is about,depression and the effects it has especially on teenagers and young adolescents. I first heardContinue reading “Soul Asylum’s Runaway Train- The story behind it.”

Ha Ha said the Clown-John Wayne Gacy the real “It”

With Stephen King’s  “It” taking cinemas by storm it is time to have a look at the real Clown Killer. John Wayne Gacy. Although Pennywise is a total fictional character(well at least I hope so) there are similarities between him and John Wayne Gacy. John Wayne Gacy was convicted of the torture, rape, and murderContinue reading “Ha Ha said the Clown-John Wayne Gacy the real “It””

William Kemmler-First execution by electric chair.

At Auburn Prison in New York, the first execution by electrocution in history was carried out against William Kemmler, who had been convicted of murdering his lover, Matilda Ziegler, with an axe. William Kemmler was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Both of his parents were immigrants from Germany and both of them were alcoholics.After dropping out of school atContinue reading “William Kemmler-First execution by electric chair.”

Anthony and William Esposito-Mad Dog killers

It was the New York police commissioner who would nickname brothers Anthony and William Esposito ‘the mad dog killers,’ a description that would catch on in the press. On Jan. 14, 1941, the Esposito brothers held up office manager Alfred Klausman for the $649 payroll he was carrying, shooting and killing him in the elevatorContinue reading “Anthony and William Esposito-Mad Dog killers”

D.B. Cooper-Probably the perfect crime

One afternoon a day before Thanksgiving in 1971, a guy calling himself Dan Cooper (the media mistakenly called him D.B. Cooper) boarded Northwest Airlines flight #305 in Portland bound for Seattle. He was wearing a dark suit and a black tie and was described as a business-executive type. While in the air, he opened hisContinue reading “D.B. Cooper-Probably the perfect crime”

The Lindbergh baby kidnapping

On the evening of March 1, 1932 Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr., eldest son of aviator Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, was abducted from the family home in the town of Highfields, in East Amwell, New Jersey. Lindbergh, who became an international celebrity when he flew the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean inContinue reading “The Lindbergh baby kidnapping”