The weird case of Violette Morris

Of all stories relating to spies and collaborators during WWII this most be one of the most intriguing ones. When I first read about Violette Morris and saw the date she died,26 April 1944, I assumed she was killed for being a member of the French resistance. Why I thought that I don’t know. BornContinue reading “The weird case of Violette Morris”

May 1944 Gestapo raid in Hamburg’s Chinatown- The forgotten victims

This is a little known story which took place on the 13th of May 1944. The victims were Chinese citizens, not tortured and killed by Japanese but by the Gestapo in Hamburg,Germany. It requires a lot of imagination to recollect the past history that the Schmuckstraße as the center of a lively Chinese district ofContinue reading “May 1944 Gestapo raid in Hamburg’s Chinatown- The forgotten victims”