The Forgotten heroes of WWII.

Today is World Animal Day and what better day to pick to remember some of the forgotten Heroes of WWII. The animals that often played a very important role. Pfc. Rez P. Hester of the Marine Corps Seventh War Dog Platoon on Iwo Jima takes a nap while Butch stands guard. February 1945.(courtesy National Archives)Continue reading “The Forgotten heroes of WWII.”

Would I have the same courage as Benjamin Blankenstein?

What would I do? Or, how much courage would I have? These are questions that haunt me in relation to the Holocaust? Questions which are becoming more and more relevant these days. There was a time where I would jeopardize my life to defend my principles in relation to justice and the treatment of myContinue reading “Would I have the same courage as Benjamin Blankenstein?”

Mercer Greene Abernathy- A hero who gave his life for strangers.

One of the definitions of a hero is “a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character” Mercer G. Abernathy was such a person and even though I don’t know him it is with a 100% certainty I can state he was a hero. I know nothing of this man except for his ArmyContinue reading “Mercer Greene Abernathy- A hero who gave his life for strangers.”


8301, not just a number or mathematical equation. 8301 sacrifices made for the freedom of others. 8301 young lives ended by violence 8301 heroes 8301 reasons why we should never forget what hate,ignorance and intolerance can do. 8301. although a large number it is only a small percentage of the overall sacrifices made. 8301 menContinue reading “8301”

Sgt Rosenkrantz

I started this website and my blogs to find answers. Answers to how exactly my paternal Grandfather died. all I know is that he died during WWII when he was serving with the Dutch military and that he died early om in the war. But the circumstances how he died are somewhat vague,so I haveContinue reading “Sgt Rosenkrantz”

Medical Heroes

The one group that often gets overseen in WWII stories are the medics. There are some books and movies about them, but if you put in the bigger scheme of WWII things it is a small percentage. Yet they are the ones who would run into the battlefield, sometimes unarmed, to pick up the wounded.Continue reading “Medical Heroes”

Colonel Francis Fenton’s hardest battle.

No parent should ever have to bury any of their children,unfortunately it does happen, During war time it just happens too much as was the case during WWII Michael James “Mike” Fenton was the son of Colonel  Francis Fenton. While Colonel Fenton advanced to higher command, his younger son, Michael, enlisted in the Marine CorpsContinue reading “Colonel Francis Fenton’s hardest battle.”

Brothers in Arms-Friends in life and death.

  Angelo P. Marcaletti and Charles James Jr, who were they? To be honest I don’t know who they were. However I do know they both lived in New Philadelphia,Ohio, and they both had attended the Dover High school in Tuscarawas County,Ohio. I also know they were buddies when they both were inducted to the USContinue reading “Brothers in Arms-Friends in life and death.”

Heroes of Pearl Harbor

2,335 service men & 68 civilians killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Those two numbers,2,335 & 68, are just statistics and mean nothing without the stories behind them. For none of these casualties were just numbers. They were someone’s son,father,husband,wife, daughter and sister each of them heroes. These are just the stories of 2Continue reading “Heroes of Pearl Harbor”

The unknown soldier-known Hero

A white cross made of marble or wood is all that is there to remember you by. Unknown, known but to  God The fate that awaited you, to you was unknown. Your mother,father,sister brother,wife,son or daughter, unknown Your name, your rank, your unit, unknown Your favorite,actor,singer,movie and song. unknown Where you were born, the nameContinue reading “The unknown soldier-known Hero”