The Dutch Pope

When you think of Popes you wouldn’t think that a small country like the Netherlands ever would produce a Pope. But yet it did. Born as Adriaan Florensz Boeyens in Utrecht on March 2 1459. He would become thr  head of the Catholic Church and ruler of the Papal States from 9 January 1522 until hisContinue reading “The Dutch Pope”

The SS ransom demand of September 26-1943.

The killing of innocent lives is despicable enough but trying to make a profit out of it in the most deceitful way is beyond evil. Giving people hope that someway they will survive, where there really was no intention of sparing their lives,sickens me to the core. Shortly after  the armistice between Italy and theContinue reading “The SS ransom demand of September 26-1943.”

1978-What a Year

1978 must have been one of the most significant years well at least in a pop culture way, the amount of classic movies that were released that year and classic songs is just phenomenal. Lets start with some of the songs. Wuthering Heights Written by an 18 year old Kate Bush taken from the albumContinue reading “1978-What a Year”

The curse

Don’t worry I have suddenly turned by page into some paranormal or horror blog site. But today was an important day in the Irish sporting agenda.It was the day of the All Ireland GAA senior Gaelic Football final between Mayo and Dublin(again). Mayo did not win the final since 1951,and today was no exception, thisContinue reading “The curse”