Harald Turner- Evil business as usual.

Despite his English sounding name, Harald Turner was born in the town of Leun in the district of Hesse in Germany in 1891. He served as an SS commander in Serbia during WWII. His description of some crimes he had been involved in are truly chilling, not so much because of the horrific crimes themselvesContinue reading “Harald Turner- Evil business as usual.”

The killing of Athletes

It is often said that the death of a million is a statistic but the death of one is a tragedy, and unfortunately this is true. People just become desensitized when they see the pictures of a great number of corpses. It is just human nature, a defense mechanism because the brain just can’t fathom theContinue reading “The killing of Athletes”

The few times when justice was served.

So many involved in the Nazi atrocities did get off so lightly or escaped punishment altogether. How the judges in the war crimes trials came to some of the sentences or lack thereof has always been a puzzle to me. Additionally there were also many how fled to countries where they knew they would faceContinue reading “The few times when justice was served.”

The executioner who escaped execution.

The name Johann Reichhart might not be one synonymous with Nazi Germany but his ruthless killing streak made him one of the most feared members of the regime. Reichhart was born into a line of German executioners dating back eight generations. He got his start as a judicial executioner in 1928. Johann Reichhart took 3,165 livesContinue reading “The executioner who escaped execution.”

Martyrs of Gorkum(Gorinchem)

  This story might surprise many for the Netherlands is known as a tolerant and multi cultural society, this wasn’t always the case. The Martyrs of Gorkum (Dutch: Martelaren van Gorinchem) were a group of 19 Dutch Catholic clerics and friars who were hanged on 9 July 1572 in the town of Brielle (or Den Briel) by militant Dutch Calvinists during the 16th centuryContinue reading “Martyrs of Gorkum(Gorinchem)”

Anguish, defiance, stoicism, acceptance and fear.

Bloody Sunday was a series of killings of members of the German minority that took place at the beginning of World War II. On September 3, 1939, two days after the beginning of the German invasion of Poland, highly controversial killings occurred in and around Bydgoszcz (German: Bromberg), a Polish city with a sizable GermanContinue reading “Anguish, defiance, stoicism, acceptance and fear.”

The 9th of April 1945 Executions

The 9th of April 1945 was picked by the Nazi’s to get rid of some those they had considered to be traitors. In fact some of these men were actually heroes, since they all had been part in one way or another(or at least were convicted of that)of trying to kill Adolf Hitler during Operation Valkyrie orContinue reading “The 9th of April 1945 Executions”

Operation Silbertanne-The execution of Dutch citizens.

Operation Silbertanne (silver fir) was the codename of a series of murders taking place between September 1943 and September 1944 during the German occupation of the Netherlands. The assassinations were carried out by a death squad composed of Dutch members of the SS and Dutch veterans of the Eastern Front. The objective of the operation wasContinue reading “Operation Silbertanne-The execution of Dutch citizens.”