Stella Goldschlag- Jewish collaborator.

It is easy for me to be judgmental about Stella Goldschlag, but the fact is I don’t know what I would have done. However Stella did go beyond anything I would have done. Stella was boen in Berlin on July 10,1922 as the only child to a middle class Jewish family. Although the family didContinue reading “Stella Goldschlag- Jewish collaborator.”

Give Me Your Children

There were many contradictions during the Holocaust on one hand there were Nazis like Wilm Hosenfeld who saved Jews, on the other hand there were Jews who helped the Nazis ensuring many Jews  were put on transport to their deaths. One of those Jews was Chaim Rumkowski and although I try no to be judgmental in thisContinue reading “Give Me Your Children”

The Jewish ghetto Police

Officially called the Jewish Organization for the Maintenance of Public Order (Ger., Jüdischer Ordungsdienst; Pol., Żydowska Służba Porządkowa), Jewish police units were established under Nazi occupation in most East European ghettos. The establishment of a police force usually was connected with the creation of the ghettos, which excluded the Jewish population from general police jurisdiction and thusContinue reading “The Jewish ghetto Police”

The “Jewish-SS” of Westerbork

Ironically Camp Westerbork had been set up in 1939 to house Jewish refugees fleeing from Nazi Germany to the Netherlands. Following the German invasion of the Netherlands, the Nazis took over the camp and turned it into a deportation camp. From this camp, 101,000 Dutch Jews and about 5,000 German Jews were deported to theirContinue reading “The “Jewish-SS” of Westerbork”