Dublin and Monaghan bombings

The Dublin and Monaghan bombings of 17 May 1974 were a series of co-ordinated bombings in Dublin and Monaghan, Ireland. Three bombs exploded in Dublin during rush hour and a fourth exploded in Monaghan almost ninety minutes later. They killed 34 civilians including a full-term unborn child, and injured almost 300. The bombings were the deadliestContinue reading “Dublin and Monaghan bombings”

Belfast Blitz-15 April 1941

Although the Republic of Ireland was neutral and was left largely unscathed during the war, Northern Ireland as part of the UK was not that lucky. Belfast being the biggest city of Northern Ireland was hit by German bombers 4 times, between the 7th of April and 6th of May 1941. Northern Ireland was illContinue reading “Belfast Blitz-15 April 1941”

Bloody Sunday-1972

Today marks the 47th anniversary of Bloody Sunday sometimes also referred to as the Bogside Massacre. Sunday January 30th 1972 started as any other Sunday in Derry but would end with tragedy and a population thrown into a dark backlash of opinion towards the British. British soldiers shot 26 unarmed civilians during a peaceful protestContinue reading “Bloody Sunday-1972”