I am Annie

I am Annie Nakache. My Father,Alfre Nakache was a famous Olympic swimmer. In 1936 he competed in the Berlin Olympic games for France. In July 1941 he set the world record in the 200 metre breaststroke with a time of 2:36.8. But his biggest achievement happened on August 12,1941. He became a father that day.Continue reading “I am Annie”

Betraying your neighbours for greed.

War brings out the best and the worst out of people, that is just a fact. It is easy to acknowledge the good but there is often a struggle acknowledging the bad, even to the extent of trying to completely erase it from history. When it comes to the Holocaust there is no question aboutContinue reading “Betraying your neighbours for greed.”

15 Month enemy of the state

I wish I could explain why this 15 month old girl was an enemy of the state, but I can’t I wish I cold explain why this 15 month girl was an enemy of the French state ,but I can’t. I wish I could explain why this 15 month old girl was an enemy ofContinue reading “15 Month enemy of the state”

The inhumanity of Zyklon B.

Recently I heard this bizarre debate on how humane the killing with Zyklon B was. It was so much better then being executed. Fortunately the site where this was debated on was taken down ,unfortunately I didn’t take note of the names. In case if any one is wondering if the killing with Zyklon BContinue reading “The inhumanity of Zyklon B.”

My letter to Henio Zytomirski

Henio Zytomirski was a 9 year old boy who was gassed at Majdanek concentration camp in Poland , on November 9 1942. In 2005 a project was started in Lubin ,Poland, called ‘Letters to Henio. Each year on April 19 ,which is Holocaust Remembrance Day in Poland, pupils and citizens of Lublin are asked toContinue reading “My letter to Henio Zytomirski”

The parallel universe that was Auschwitz.

If you wouldn’t know the wider context of the picture, you would smile at it and think” a lovely picture of young people in the military enjoying themselves”. And that is exactly what they did , they did enjoy themselves. However this weren’t just some random service men and women. These men and women allContinue reading “The parallel universe that was Auschwitz.”

The teenager Meyer Abramczyk

Usually when I write a blog which contains the word ‘teenager’ it refers to somene who was murdered during the Holocaust.,Meyer Abramczyk wasn’t. In fact he sadly passed away when he was aged 87. Metaphorically speaking the teenager Meyer was killed during the Holocaust. He was born on July 24, 1926 in Belchatow, Poland. HisContinue reading “The teenager Meyer Abramczyk”

Auschwitz May 20 1940

When people hear the word Auschwitz ,a shiver goes down their spine, and that is a good thing. However so many people do not really know that much about Auschwitz. They think it was only one camp, where there were really many other camps connected to Auschwitz. about 40. Some even think that from dayContinue reading “Auschwitz May 20 1940”

This is how close the Holocaust still is.

May 10, 2020 is Mother’s Day in most countries, with only a few exceptions like the UK and Ireland who had it on March 22. May 10 1943 is the date when one Jewish Mother and Grandmother was killed at Westerbork, aged 83. Her name was  Jeanette Meyer-Cahn, wife and  widow of Daniel Meyer. DanielContinue reading “This is how close the Holocaust still is.”

Auschwitz- Some forgotten facts.

Prisoners in Auschwitz were given a number which was tattooed on their arm. Marking people with a number makes it easier to treat them as objects rather then human beings. However not everyone got a number, there were occasions where they ran out of ink. More people were killed in Auschwitz then the combined total Continue reading “Auschwitz- Some forgotten facts.”