How weird was Hitler? Part 2

No one will in his or her right mind argue that Adolf Hitler was pure evil and without making less of the things he was responsible for , it is interesting to pick out a few more particular weird traits der Führer displayed.

Long before there were selfies ,he practiced for speeches by taking photos of himself . . . making speeches.

In jail he wrote Mein Kampf, the blueprint for power that would make him rich. But when he wrote to Jakob Ferlin, owner of a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Munich, he had little money.

Hitler, who later owned a fleet of Mercedes cars, had his heart set on the 11/40 model which at the time cost 18,000 Reichsmarks.”But the hardest thing for me at the moment lies in the fact that the biggest payment for my work is not expected until the middle of December,” he wrote in September 1924.

“So I am compelled to ask for a loan or an advance.Naturally something in the order of several thousand marks would be a big help.”

Not so much a weird Hitler fact but a general weird fact. In 1913: Hitler, Trotsky, Tito, Freud and Stalin all lived in the same place.



Hitler Crafted Laws Against Animal Cruelty

This one is going to seem extremely strange considering the innumerable human atrocities he ordered during his lifetime, but Hitler despised animal cruelty.

A committed vegetarian, Hitler was put off meat when he was young – legend has it as a result of witnessing an autopsy – and became determined to protect animals.

He helped to implement laws which protected wild animals, chickens and cattle – and he intended to reduce Germany’s meat consumption after World War II.

He Was Prescribed Cocaine – And Took It Twice A Day

Drugs were administered to Hitler on a frighteningly regular basis – and he was even prescribed to take cocaine twice a day.

Hitler would use an inhaler to get a regular fix of the drug to aid with his sinus and throat problems throughout his time in office during the Third Reich. Additionally, Hitler was also provided with eye drops that also contained cocaine.

The Blow-up Doll Was Pioneered Under Hitler’s Leadership


The blow-up doll was not pioneered by Hitler for his own personal pleasure, but it was in fact created in order to prevent the spread of syphilis among German soldiers.The Wehrmacht enjoying spending their spare time in Vichy France liaising with the local prostitutes and this led to an epidemic of syphilis spreading among the soldiers.Hitler therefore commissioned a top-secret project to create blow-up dolls which could be put in soldier’s packs – then they could do with them as they pleased.

Hitler liked to whistle  When You Wish Upon A Star .

Hitler used to whistle tunes including When You Wish Upon A Star.The German leader supposedly relaxed by whistling, or performed the hobby in moments of euphoria – such as when he stood on the balcony looking across Paris following the fall of the French capital in June 1940.

Another favourite tune of Hitler’s was Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? – presumably due to his nickname of “The Wolf”.

More a weird fact about Time magazine but Hitler was the Man of the Year for Time Magazine in 1938. It was intended to shed light on his negative actions, but it remains a bizarre fact to this day that Time can’t live down.


The fact that he was nominated for a Nobel peace price in 1939 is weird already, the fact that Hitler decided to create his own equivalent to the Nobel price is even weirder.


After banning the Nobel Prize, Hitler developed his own version – the German National Prize for Art and Science. Ferdinand Porsche was one of the awardees for being the man behind the Volkswagen Beetle.



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