The unknown originals.

History of Sorts

Some of the best selling singles of all time weren’t actually the original versions. Below are some of these originals, funny enough many of the cover versions are better.

In the Army now.

We all know Status Quo’s version but the original was from 2 Dutch brothers.

Nothing compares 2 u.

Who can forget Sinead O’Connor’s powerful version of this song and the iconic image of her teary face, but it was Prince who wrote it and first released it.

I’m a believer.

The Monkeys had a massive hit with this one, it became their signature tune in fact. But it was no other then Neil Diamond who wrote it and recorded it first.

Blinded by the Light.

Who can forget Manfred Mann’s Rock anthem ‘Blinded by the Light’ well Bruce Springsteen certainly won’t because it made him a bucket loads of money.He had recorder it on the album “Asbury Park”

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