The German invasion of Norway


On the morning of April 9, 1940, Hitler’s troops begin their sweep through Norway—a neutral country—with a single objective in mind. Their leader, Adolf Hitler, plans to turn Norway into a Third-Reich-affiliated nation.

Below are pictures of the events of the invasion

Montage of Operation Weserübung, the codename for Nazi Germany’s assault on Denmark and Norway during World War II. All the images are from the battles in Norway.




German troops pass through a village during the invasion of Norway.


German soldiers advance through a burning Norwegian Village, April 1940


A german soldier cradles his pet dog as other troops carry supplies from aircraft at an airfield in Norway, 10 April 1940


German troops marching in Bergen April 9 1940


German horse-drawn artillery with a leFH 18 10.5cm howitzer near Oslo, 14 April 1940.


Damaged ships at Narvik, Norway, Apr 1940


German soldiers march in formation down Oslo’s main street


German tanks of the Neubaufahrzeug type in Oslo in April 1940

Norwegen, Oslo, Deutsche Panzer im Hafen

German infantry reinforcements arrive at Sola airfield in Stavanger, April 1940.

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