The sinking of HMS Mashona


HMS Mashona was a Tribal-class destroyer of the Royal Navy that saw service in the Second World War.

She was built by Vickers Armstrong, with her machinery supplied by Parsons. She was authorised in the program year 1936. Mashona was laid down on 5 August 1936, launched on 3 September 1937 and completed by 30 March 1939.

Mashona HMS, under command of Cdr. Selby, was one of those taking part in the pursuit of the German battleship Bismarck.


On May 28th, 1941, the day following the Bismarck´s destruction, the British forces were heavily bombed by German aircraft and HMS Mashona was hit and sunk  off the coast of Galway with the loss of 48 men.


The destroyer Tartar took the survivors to Greenock.



  1. Lesley Smith says:

    Thank you for the update on the sinking of Mashona my father was a member of her crew Donald Frank Smith also my family dr Dr Reed from hitchin I can remember him giving me my jabs for going to Gib in1963 with the cadets I don’t think my father ever wanted to swim in the sea again after that experience thanks again Les Smith.


    1. David Woodard says:

      my father served on Mashona as an ord seaman and an able seaman from Aug 40 until it was sunk May 41. Fortunatly he survived and went on to serve on other ships the grand old lady (the Warspite} being one of them


  2. Tim Wordsworth says:

    My Grandfather was William Burgess RNVR serving as a T.Lt on Mashona. He survived and went on to serve on Ashanti. Would be interested to see / hear from anyone with records, photos etc.


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