Sputnik: The Dawn of the Space Age

Rambling History

October 4th, 1957, a new age in human history dawns.

From the Tyuratam launch base in Kazakhstan, the Soviet Union successfully launches a space craft into orbit, where it will circle the Earth every hour and thirty six minutes.

Sputnik Satellite in Orbit

By today’s standards Sputnik is a small and primitive device, weighing a mere 184 pounds with a diameter of only 22 inches. It is however, a landmark moment in space exploration; Mankind’s first foray into the great unknown of space.

This achievement sends the United States into a frenzy. Soviet spacecraft orbiting above America, broadcasting radio signals strong enough to be picked up even by amateur radio enthusiasts on the ground.

One small step for Doggo, one giant leap for canines…

Soviet success took the United States completely by surprise. Neither the military nor the scientific community imagined that the Soviets would achieve such a feat so…

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