The Non Aryan Nazi Leadership


Basically I could make this blog the shortest ever. None of the Nazis were Aryans.

I could leave it with that because it’d be true. Below is the definition of Aryan.

‘Aryanname originally given to a people who were said to speak an archaic Indo-European language and who were thought to have settled in prehistoric times in ancient Iran and the northern Indian subcontinent. The theory of an “Aryan race” appeared in the mid-19th century and remained prevalent until the mid-20th century. According to the hypothesis, those probably light-skinned Aryans were the group who invaded and conquered ancient India from the north and whose literature, religion, and modes of social organization subsequently shaped the course of Indian culture, particularly the Vedic religion that informed and was eventually superseded by Hinduism.’



However even if we take the Nazi definition of Aryan

The Nazis claimed to observe scientifically a strict hierarchy of the human race. Hitler’s view towards race and people can be found throughout Mein Kampf but more specifically in chapter 11 “Nation and Race”.


Hitler made references to an “Aryan Race” founding a superior type of humanity. The purest stock of Aryans according to Nazi ideology was the Nordic people of Germany, England, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden and Norway.The Nazis claimed that Germanic people specifically represented a southern branch of the Aryan-Nordic population.

Their idea of the perfect human being was Germanic, healthy, blonde, blue eyed and athletic. Non Jewish or Slavic, free from any illnesses,especially mental illnesses and heterosexual. Ironically the depiction of their idea of the perfect soldier was of Werner Goldberg, a half Jewish Wehrmacht soldier.


Lets explore the Nazi leadership by their own definition.

Joseph Goebbels


During childhood, Goebbels suffered from ill health, which included a long bout of inflammation of the lungs. He had a deformed right foot that turned inwards, due to a congenital deformity. It was thicker and shorter than his left foot. He underwent a failed operation to correct it just prior to starting grammar school.Goebbels wore a metal brace and special shoe because of his shortened leg, and walked with a limp. He was rejected for military service in World War I due to his deformity. Add the fact he wasn’t blonde nor blue eyed. According to the definition he also propagated he should have been subjected to Action14f13 a program devised to euthanize any disabled citizen.


Hermann Göring

He was certified by doctors as a a dangerous drug addict and placed in restraints in the violent ward of Långbro asylum in Stockholm.


Goering’s addiction to morphine began two years earlier when he was operated on in Austria for a groin wound he received during the Beer Hall Putsch.

His first wife, Carin, wrote at the time to her mother that “in spite of being dosed with morphine every day, his pain stays just as bad as ever.” This addiction would stay with Goering until his imprisonment in Nuremberg in 1945.

While in the Långbro asylum, Goering is described by a psychiatrist as “very violent and had to be placed in a straitjacket.

Although he wasn’t classified as insane, he was far from the ideal Aryan, an overweight junkie, yes, but not an Aryan.

Rudolf Hess


Hess is a bit of an enigma there were many rumours that he was gay



However there was no real proof but he was obsessed with Hitler, he reminds me of the character Gary Walsh in ‘Veep’ the bag man for Selina Meyer, and I don’t mean this to make light of it but he really does remind me of him.

Aside from the fact if he was gay or not he clearly had mental issues.On the 10th of May 1940 he stole a Messerschmitt Bf 110, and flew to Scotland in an attempt to broker peace between Great Britain and Germany. However he never consulted this with anyone else,including Hitler. He was clearly delusional thinking he could achieve this.


After he crashed landed in Scotland he was arrested and imprisoned until the Nuremberg Trials where he was convicted to a life sentence, he eventually committed suicide in 1987 in Spandau prison.

Adolf Hitler

A key factor to the Hitler’s Aryan policies was family history. Given the fact 3 of his older siblings died at birth and his Father died suddenly aged 60, these might have been indications there were ‘defects’ in the family.


We all know that this of course is Nonsense, but this was one of the ways how the Nazis determined the purity of the Aryan race.Hitler himself was frail and sickly as a young child. Additionally he had brown hair and brown eyes, not the Aryan ideal.

The death of his Mother had a major impact on him.Dr. Bloch, the Jewish physician who cared for Hitler’s mother, noted that in nearly 50 years of his career as a doctor, he had never seen a young man as broken with grief as Adolf Hitler was at the death of his mother. He had carried her picture with him down to the last days in the bunker.

Historian Robert Waite,who wrote an extensive psychohistory of Hitler, concluded that he suffered from borderline personality disorder, which manifested its symptoms in numerous ways and would imply Hitler was in full control of himself and his actions. Others have proposed Hitler may have been schizophrenic, based on claims that he was hallucinating and delusional during his last year of life. Many people believe that Hitler had a mental disorder and was not schizophrenic nor bipolar, but rather met the criteria for both disorders, and was therefore most likely a schizoaffective. If true, this might be explained by a series of brief reactive psychoses in a narcissistic personality which could not withstand being confronted with reality (in this case, that he was not the “superman” or “savior of Germany” he envisioned himself to be, as his plans and apparent early achievements collapsed about him). In addition, his regular methamphetamine use and possible sleep deprivation in the last period of his life must be factored into any speculation as to the cause of his possible psychotic symptoms, as these two activities are known to trigger psychotic reactions in some individuals. Hitler never visited a psychiatrist, and under current methodology, any such diagnosis is speculation.

The Nazis of course were great at cherry picking and adapting their own policies to suit their own twisted agenda.


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