The weird world of advertising-Sex sells but Sexism sells better, part 4


In this PC world these ads will not be shown anymore and probably rightfully so. However you’d have to admire the humor in them.

For example the poster above .Every story of true love begins in the kitchen. Why wait to put your new wife to work until after she’s out of her wedding dress?

And be sure to lord over her as she bakes you a pie. Don’t want her screwing up.

She cares.


Is your wife being moody and broody around the house? Not leaping to her feet at the opportunity to clean the kitchen? Probably vitamin deficiency.

If you’re worried you’re not cute enough, just get to work.

Kellogg’s has a very checkered, bizarre history. If you want a delightful hour’s read, look into the origins of cornflakes.


What can you say?


Do you still beat your wife?


Keep her where she belongs, on the floor obviously

Keep her where she belongs

The chef does everything

The chef does everything


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