The Holocaust


The Holocaust a word that everyone knows the meaning off but yet no one understands.

No one understands why it happened, at least not really. People will say it is because the political ideology of a few, who wanted eradicate all of those who they deemed    undesirable.

But it is not that easy, Throughout history there have been many different political ideologies and dictatorship and even though many of these were brutal and evil, it hardly ever entailed the wholesale slaughter of millions. And I do apologize for the word ‘wholesale’ but that’s really what it was, a ‘business’ transaction.


Millions killed as if it was another day in the office and that’s how it was sold to mainly the Germans and Austrians but also other European nations.

The Jews,Gays,Roma. Sinti,Disabled and other were not human, they were a blight on humanity and a costly one. They needed to be removed, they were a burden on the regular tax paying working man and woman. Even education was suffering because of them. They were not pure and tainted a pure race. For mankind to survive these impurities needed to be destroyed.

Berlin, Boykott-Posten vor jüdischem Warenhaus

People trusted their government because they had brought them prosperity so the ordinary citizen looked away, because they knew it was for the ‘best’.

Nowadays we know better, but we don’t. Not really. New research has shown that  many adults lack basic knowledge of what happened — and this lack of knowledge is more pronounced among millennials, whom the survey defined as people ages 18 to 34. “Never Forget” means little to them. And it is easy for the older generation, and I include myself in this. to judge and be disgusted by this lack of this knowledge, but here is the thing. These millenials are our children,nieces our nephews. It is us who failed to instill this knowledge,unwittingly so. We relied on the various education systems to do that job for us, not realizing late 20th and early 21st century education was different then our education. The focus was now more on absorbing data there was no need for critical thinking. But it’s not too late we can still educate. The Holocaust must never ever happen again.




Next time we say or write “Never Again” lets not say it as a slogan but as a commitment, if not for us then for the millions who died. Or for those who still wake up every night and see the faces of their loved ones,it’s the least we can do.



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