WWII Propaganda-Part 3


One of the most effective weapons in WWII was propaganda. Although the Nazis did use it the most effective, the allied forces and the other axis nations all used propaganda as an effective tool to further their cause.

After all propaganda is really weaponized and politicized PR. Not unlike the use of social media nowadays, propaganda was posted on billboards,newspapers,leaflets and magazines. Although it wasn’t as instant and widespread as social media, it did still reach large groups of the population.

Below are just some examples of WWII propaganda.

One of the most popular of the WWII bond posters.Title: Don’t let that shadow touch them, Buy War Bonds Artist: Lawrence Beall Smith.


A referendum on the Anschluss with Germany was held in German-occupied Austria on 10 April 1938,in conjunction with one in Germany. Germany thad already occupied Austria one month earlier, on 12 March 1938. The official result was reported as 99.73% in favour,with a 99.71% turnout. The Austrian poster below states that teh whole nation said yes.


I suppose this could be considered a WWII meme.



Japanese propaganda “Be quiet, others are listening”



A poster telling the Italians that the Germans are their friends. Implying nothing to fear.



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