Animal Rights in the Third reich .

On August 16 ,1933 Hermann Göring announced he would put an end to the unbearable torture and suffering in animal experiments. He also threatened that he would commit to concentration camps those who still thought they could continue to treat animals as inanimate property. He decried the “cruel”experiments of unfeeling scientists whose animals were operatedContinue reading “Animal Rights in the Third reich .”

The raid on Berck-sur-Mer

You have to give it to the Brits, they don’t give up. Regardless how dire the outlook they will come up with daring stuff to overcome their struggle. As it was the case in June 1941. They appear to be fighting the Germans on their own, Heavily outnumbered they had to come up with innovativeContinue reading “The raid on Berck-sur-Mer”

Music Matters

Music is very important, it evokes emotions and stirs the soul. It can unite and divide in equal ways. It can be a very powerful tool to bring joy, but it also can become a weapons if it is used for propaganda purposes. I will be looking at 2 songs which both had some partContinue reading “Music Matters”

Jews not welcome.

This is something I said before. I am Dutch and I am proud to be Dutch. One of the reasons why I am a proud Dutch man is because I was taught to face up to the mistakes my country made in the past. Although there were many brave Dutch men and women who foughtContinue reading “Jews not welcome.”

Dora Gerson-Body lost or destroyed.

Dora Gerstein was a Jewish actress and singer  born  on 23 March 1899  in Berlin. She was murdered on February 14,1943 in Auschwitz. On one of the sites I used to do the research on Dora I noticed the line ‘Body lost or destroyed’. Not only her body was destroyed but also her talent andContinue reading “Dora Gerson-Body lost or destroyed.”

Sex- The hidden enemy during WWII.

+++Contains some sexual references++++++ Don’t worry I haven’t suddenly gone pornographic in my blogs, but in this Political Correct era I thought it better to warn people upfront that this blog may contain some sexual references, because God forbid imagine if I offended anyone. During World War II venereal disease(or STD’S/STI’s) was a serious problemContinue reading “Sex- The hidden enemy during WWII.”

Getting married in Nazi Germany

The Nazi regime controlled every aspects of life in Germany, even who you married. In 1935 the Reich Committee for Public Health Service issued the guidelines for getting married. It was published as ‘die zehn Gebote für die Gattenwahl’ the 10 commandments for choosing a spouse. Always remember that you are a German. 2. BeContinue reading “Getting married in Nazi Germany”

May 10,1933- Book burning.

A scary thought crossed my mind this week. What some Social Media outlets are doing nowadays, is basically the digital version of book burning. Regardless how valuable a post might be, or even how inoffensive it is when the moderators don’t like it , it will get banned,or digitally burned so to speak. On MayContinue reading “May 10,1933- Book burning.”

NS-Frauen-Warte- Nazi propaganda in a glossy women’s magazine.

The NS-Frauen-Warte was a fortnightly  Nazi magazine for women. At a first glance the magazine looked harmless. It would often have recipes or sewing patterns etc. But most of the articles in the magazine were pure propaganda, aimed to brainwash women and especially young mothers. Below is an article from the January 1940 edition. TheContinue reading “NS-Frauen-Warte- Nazi propaganda in a glossy women’s magazine.”

Heinz Rühmann-Hero or Villain?

Heinz Rühmann-Hero or Villain? The honest answer is I don’t know but I expect the answer is somewhere in the middle, he was neither a hero or a villain or he was a bit of both. For anyone living in an English speaking country or who grew up outside of Europe, the name Heinz RühmannContinue reading “Heinz Rühmann-Hero or Villain?”