When you think of it, time is such a bizarre concept.
It can be measured in an exact set of parameters, years,months,weeks,days,hours,minutes,seconds and even milli and nanoseconds.
Yet when you lose someone you love, a day can seem like a year, and a year can seem like a day. Time goes fast and slow in equal measures.
When you sit in a cinema and watch a movie you really enjoy, those two hours appear to have passed in minutes. Equally in that same cinema when you watch a movie you hate, those 2 hours go on and on, there seems to be no end in sight, time has slowed down.
A match you have been looking forward to for ages can fly by in seconds or appear to last for an eternity depending on what side you’re on , the winning or losing.
Standing outside a locked toilet, when you are bursting to go, that  door to open can seem like the longest time you ever spend in your life waiting for anything, yet it probably only is a minute or two.
The day before you go on your holidays just becomes the longest day ever. While at the same time the holidays have passed within a blink of an eye.
Enjoy the time that is allocated to you. Enjoy with your family and friends, or with your pet or just on your own, just enjoy it.
And it doesn’t matter if it is going for a long walk or out for a drink or meal, or read a book.It doesn’t even matter if it is slouching on a couch watching a box sets of a TV show which you hadn’t come around yet of watching, The main thing just enjoy it. Even in grief you can find joy, for that same bizarre concept of time also has a built in app called memories. Use that app to draw the joy from.

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