World War 2 heart break. -But in a positive way.

History of Sorts


There are so many images of death and destruction during WWII, Images of dying children or children that already have been killed.

Images of families torn apart not knowing if they will ever see each other again, But the amazing thing though, amidst all of these portrayals of the abyss there are some pictures that will break your heart,but in a positive way. Pictures like the one above where a little girl gives a soldier a kiss on Valentine’s day 1945 in France.

Maybe I should say they will melt your heart, but either way I will have no doubt that these will bring tears to your eyes.

A volunteer who saved and comforts a baby after a bombing in London.


An American soldier kissing a little Italian girl


American soldier cleaning the face of a young french orphan.


A British soldier gives soup to a little French girl in…

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