What if? An alternative Anne Frank and Margot Frank story.

History of Sorts


This is totally fictional with a few historic facts, I often wonder how Anne and Margot Frank’s story would have looked like if the path of History would have gone even the slightest different direction. Below are fictional diary entries of Anne and Margot frank, but it could have been reality.

Margot Frank: September 12 1933,age 6.5

Today we got a new house in a different part in Germany, I think the place is called Aachen. I don’t really like it but Anne has a lot of fun.


Mommy told me that we will be moving soon again. We are going to a different country. I am a bit confused, mommy calls it Holland but teacher says it is the Netherlands. Daddy has a new job there.

He said that Germany has a new boss, called Hitler and he is not a very nice man.It is a bit strange because…

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