17 Million deaths- Not just statistics

History of Sorts


I have to make this clear upfront, some of this blog is not based on facts I can proof. It is purely based on my presumptions but also a good dose of common sense,for lack of a better description.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum estimates that the total of deaths during the Holocaust is 17 Mullion, 6 million of which were Jewish. The second biggest group deaths were Soviet citizens 4.5 million.Followed by 2.8–3.3 million Soviet prisoners of war and 1.8–3 million Polish followed by several other groups which the Nazis deemed subhuman.

The above numbers are estimates,verified and  compiled by the USHMM and also other Holocaust organisations.

But I believe the overall number must have been higher. In those stats are not included the number of  the unborn children. Many pregnant women were killed immediately after arriving at the camps. Or otherwise they were forced to have abortions.And…

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