Forgotten History Unlikely Allies

History of Sorts


When I say Unlikely Allies I am not referring to the German.Italian,Japanese pack nor the US,Canada,British,Russian alliance but something more surprising. The Jews who fought along the Germans.

In 1941 Finland was still allied to Nazi Germany. The picture above is that of Major Leo Skurnik a soldier/medical officer

In September 1941, he performed a deed so heroic he was awarded an Iron Cross by the German high command. With little regard for his own safety, and in the face of heavy Soviet shelling, Major Leo Skurnik, a district doctor who had once fostered ambitions of becoming a concert pianist, organised the evacuation of a field hospital on the Finnish-Russian border, saving the lives of more than 600 men, including members of the SS. Now Major Skurnik wasn’t the only soldier rewarded an Iron Cross but what makes his case different he was Jewish.

Skurnik was not the only Jew fighting on the…

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