Erhard Milch-Hitler’s Jewish Field Marshall.

History of Sorts


In case you are wondering if the headline of this article is a typo, it is not, Field Marshall Milch was Jewish.

Milch was born in Wilhelmshaven, the son of Anton Milch, a Jewish pharmacist who served in the Imperial German Navy, and Clara Milch, née Vetter. Due to his Jewish ancestry, according to the Nazi Nuremberg Laws of 1935, he was considered as a “Jewish Mischling of the first degree”.


He wasn’t the only Jew who was a member of the German army.

Erhard Milch was one of Hitler’s senior Luftwaffe officers during World War Two. Milch played a key role in building up the Luftwaffe pre-1939 and he took credit for the part played by it during the invasions of Norway and France in 1940.

(Photo by Imagno/Getty Images) Der deutsche General Erhard Milch besucht die internationale Luftfahrtausstellung in Mailand. Italien. 14.10.1937. Photographie.

Milch enlisted in the German Army in 1910, where he rose to the rank of lieutenant in the artillery. He later transferred to…

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