Farmers,professors,locksmiths and other ordinary men turned evil.

History of Sorts


I know it is easy to call people like Rudolf Höss and others who worked in Auschwitz monters, and to en extent I can understand that, I have done so in the past.

However when you call them monsters you take the risk of given them an excuse for their acts, because we only expect evil from monsters. These men were human beings, evil human beings but human beings nonetheless. That too me makes it even more shocking because all of these men did these evil crimes out of their own free will.

I know some will dispute this that some of the guards at Auschwitz and other camps were only following orders. But anyone knows killing innocent people has nothing to do with war but everything to do with annihilation. There are no records of any SS officers or others inthe German army being punished for not executing innocent…

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