Rory Gallagher- One of my few regrets

There are very few regrets I have, but I do regret that I did not buy tickets on January5,1995 for Rory Gallagher in my hometown of Geleen, in the Netherlands. The concert was in de Hanenhof which would not be world’s best venue but it could hold a decent amount of music fans.

At the time I thought, I will catch him another time, He did tour the Netherlands a lot. In fact he was popular all over Europe except for Ireland, which ironically is where he was born and grew up.

In the later years of his life, Gallagher had developed a phobia of flying(something I can identify with) . To overcome this, he was prescribed various drugs. By the time of his final performance on 10 January 1995 in Nighttown, Rotterdam the Netherlands ,he was visibly ill with severe abdominal pain and the tour had to be cancelled. He was prescribed paracetamol for the pain, a drug that can be extremely harmful to the liver, especially with a heavy drinker such as Gallagher.[

Gallagher was admitted to London’s King’s College Hospital in March 1995, and it was only then that the extent of his ill health became apparent; his liver was failing and the doctors determined that, in spite of his young age, a liver transplant was the only possible course of action.[52] After thirteen weeks in intensive care, while waiting to be transferred to a convalescent home, his health suddenly worsened when he contracted a staphylococcal (MRSA) infection, and he died on 14 June 1995, at the age of 47.

Today marks his birthday, he would have been 73.


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  1. endean0 says:

    I was lucky enough to see him at the Colston Hall in Bristol around 1976. He wasn’t really my sort of thing, or so I thought at the time, but he blew me away. This was just before Punk hit the UK and the way he played his beaten up old guitar was at odds with all the stadium rock guitar virtuoso’s of the time. Embarrassing to admit now, but at the time I was coerced into taking the ticket from a friend who couldn’t attend, and as I hadn’t been paying attention to what he told me, I thought I was going to see 70’s pop duo Gallagher & Lyle. I never did get the chance to see him live again, but from what I’ve seen his playing just got better and better. Having read your article, I’ve been driving around this morning with “Bad Penny” on constant repeat, so thanks for posting and jogging my memory.


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