Nazi Propaganda in Europe

History of Sorts


The Nazi had a well oiled propaganda machine which was very effective,not only to sell their warped ideology but also when it came to recruiting for the SS and other branches of the army.

They also had a very effective propaganda program outside Germany. The picture above is a Dutch SS recruit poster saying “For your honor and conscience Up! against the Bolshevism” The Waffen SS calls you”

Recruitment posters for the Norwegian SS, unfortunately I don’t speak Norwegian, but I believe the posters are self explanatory.

NorwayNorway ski.JPG

Belgium also had propaganda posters.””All the Flemish in SS troops! Our answer: weapons in the hands!”


Like in the Dutch poster the emphasis on the Walloon(French speaking) Belgian posters was put on fighting Bolshevism. In fact they called it a crusade.


In France the German army was portrayed as a liberating army, and not a occupying force. This poster says “Abandoned people, trust…

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