Lets keep things in perspective

History of Sorts


I don’t like doing political blogs or even semi political ones but I felt compelled to do this one,because the whole debate on confederate statues has been blown completely out of perspective.

Frankly it actually sickens me to the core that the debate has gone in to comparison with the Holocaust. The line I hear being brandished around the last few days is “There are no statues of Hitler in Germany.”

Comparing the American civil war and specifically the confederate side of it to the Holocaust, does not validate the anti slavery debate but it diminishes the horrors committed by the Nazi regime.

So let’s get a bit of historical perspective on it.

True, there are no statues of Hitler in Germany but his birthplace in Austria has a monument in front of it.


Although the monument is anti Fascist it is still a place for Neo Nazis to remember…

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