Like lambs to the slaughter they were led.

History of Sorts


Like lambs to the slaughter they were led.But with one significant difference, lambs were treated more humanely. They were not tortured before death.

I recently saw the movie “The Resistance Banker” it has one subtle but yet powerful scene, no words were spoken. A regular passenger train is stopped to facilitate a transport train to pass by. The passenger in the regular train see people crammed in cattle cars on the transport train and they hear babies crying. The scene only lasts for a minute, but that image will last for a lifetime.


I knew the circumstances in the cattle cars were dire but that bit of movie made it so clear to me, the crying babies it made my heart stop for a second.

The horrors even dawned more clearly on me then. I have traveled with young children on a luxurious  21st century train and it was extremely…

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  1. historiebuff says:

    I have often wondered if the RailRoad companies ever made reparations for all the money they made on those “passengers”. I know they were paid. I read once that Dutch Jews were shipped in regular passenger trains right to the death factories.


    1. dirkdeklein says:

      The Dutch Railways only recently made some payments. There were only a few Dutch jews that were transported in regular passenger trains, the majority were put in cattle trains.


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