How they justified the killings

History of Sorts

The one thing that really intrigues me about the Holocaust and other horrific events throughout history is ,how do people justify killing and torturing fellow human beings. It will take an awful lot before I would hurt another human being, only when I would be physically threatened I would resort to a physical defense.

The Nazi’s didn’t see the Jews,Romani,Sinti,Disabled and Homosexuals as human beings, they were referred to as subhumans.But still when someone of flesh and blood stands before you how can you not think that this is another human being?. Below are some excerpts from documents and speeches which may gave an indication of the Nazi psyche and how they were able to convince ‘ordinary’ people to kill others.

The Business as usual kind of language is just extraordinary.

Germany Himmler Letters

A quote from Heinrich Himmler speaking on October 6, 1943 to a meeting of Gauleiters and Reichsleiters in…

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