Meir Levison-Born in Westerbork and murdered in Bergen Belsen.

History of Sorts

Meir Levison was born in Westerbork on 19 November 1943.He was murdered in Bergen-Belsen on 21 March 1945. He was 1 year old when he was murdered.

There are no pictures of Meir. The opportunity for his proud parents to take pictures was taken away from them. Because Meir was born in captivity.

About 5 months after he was born he was born, he was deported to Bergen Belsen, on April 5 1944. He wasn’t the only person who was deported that day. There were another 29 people who were on that transport, all Jewish.

In Bergen Belsen he was murdered on March 21,1945. Only a few weeks before the camp was liberated and less then 2 months before the war ended in Europe.

On June 22,1951 his death certificate was signed on behalf of the then Dutch minister for justice. But justice was never done for the baby Meir…

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