The murder of 210 Dutch Jews in Auschwitz on July 23,1942.

According to the Joods Monument (Jewish Monument) website, 210 Dutch Jews were murdered on this day 80 years ago, in Auschwitz.

I could write pieces on each single one of them, but I decided to stick with only one of the victims, because it symbolises the pure evil of the Nazi regime.

The picture is of Leendert Engelsman. He was born in Amsterdam on May 19,1940. He and his mother were both murdered on the same day. His father was murdered a few months later.

But at some stage several people have looked at this boy, looked him in his eyes, perhaps even rubbed his head and smiled at him. Yet they put him on a train to Auschwitz, knowing exactly what his fate would be.

Those same people would go home after work, have dinner. At night they would sleep in their own beds. Perhaps they even had a son the same age as Leendert and would them a bed time story, and tell them not to be afraid to of the bogeyman. Not realising they were the bogey man.

When Leendert arrived in Auschwitz, there would be someone, who looked at his beautiful angelic face and selected him and his mother to be murdered in a most horrendous way.



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