Jedem das Seine


In general, I try to avoid posting graphic pictures, for two reasons. Firstly, I know from my own experience if something is too graphic I look away. Secondly, we live in an era where so many people get offended by everything, especially the truth, that the only option they feel they have is to get whatever offends them—cancelled.

However, sometimes you have to face the reality of what the Holocaust really was, whether you like it or not.

In 1937, the Nazis constructed the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, 7 km from Weimar, Germany. The motto Jedem das Seine, [meaning: to each his own or to each what he deserves] was over the camp’s main entrance gate. The gates were designed by Franz Ehrlich, a former student of the Bauhaus art school. He was imprisoned at the camp because he was a communist.

Below are just some examples of what the Nazis thought the prisoners of Buchenwald deserved. These photos are from a small photo album. The commentary on the album reads: These photos were captured in 1945 by an American soldier, he says in the German concentration camp Buchenwald. The photos were taken by the Germans themselves, and they show what one person is capable of compared to another.

More than likely in the forests near Buchenwald

In case you think these were bad, I have actually sanitized the pictures and didn’t post the even more graphic ones. Some of them will haunt me.

This is what well-educated and cultured people are capable of doing. Give them a common cause, ‘cancel’ all other opinions and this is what happens.



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