Rosalina Zilverberg- an Angel.

Rosalina Zilverberg was born in Oss, the Netherlands, on October 5,1942. She was murdered in Vught concentration camp Vught on April 17, 1943. She lived for 194 days.

In those 194 she will have only experienced her parents anxiety. She will have only experienced a life in captivity. She never got a chance to learn to walk or talk.

I said murdered in concentration camp Vught, some will argue that, They will say she died but wasn’t murdered because Vught wasn’t an extermination camp. But she was murdered, no one had the right to put her in any camp in the first place. Aside from that all concentration camps only served one purpose, the extermination of Jews and other groups the Nazis deemed sub human.

194 days.

Dear Rosanna .1 Angel , 9 prayers, 4 blessings a day is what I wish for you.


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