Behind the Star

You gave them a star to single them out. It made it easier for others to recognize them. You even put the word Jood, Jude, or Juif on the star. As if others didn’t know who they were. They were neighbours, friends, and colleagues. People knew, but they could or would not defend those wearing the star because of fear, jealousy or cowardice.

With that star, you tried to rob them of their dignity and you failed. You tried to wipe them all out, and although you nearly did, eventually you failed.

You failed because behind that star were human beings, just like anyone else. You forgot that human beings always try to survive.

Behind the star were doctors, artists, scientists, bankers, nurses, housewives, bakers, butchers, plumbers, tradesmen, women, and soldiers. In short, a whole society. If you had succeeded, you would have eventually had to pay a very high price for exterminating crucial elements of the citizenry. A price you would have never been able to afford.

Behind that star were noble people whose dignity you could never take away.

You failed, and your policies failed. Although sometimes it may look like it, however, in reality, hate never wins.


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