Remembering Betje van Bergen-de Levie

The picture above is a wedding picture of Betje van Bergen-de Levie and her husband Philip Hartog van Bergen. I wish I could tell you that they celebrated many anniversaries. But they didn’t even get a chance to celebrate the 1st major anniversary which is celebrated in the Netherlands, the Twelve and a half year anniversary. The were only married for 7 years. Not because they fell out of love but because an evil regime didn’t deem them fit for life.

Betje van Bergen-de Levie was a daughter of Gompel de Levie and Eva Leman. She was the third child in a family of six children.
In October 1942, Betje de Levie traveled from Weesp to Ommen to celebrate the feast of tabernacles with her parents. On the night of 3 October, 1942 she was arrested and sent to Westerbork, presumably because she did not have the correct travel documents. Her parents and two brothers Jacob and Hartog were also taken away. In Westerbork, Betje de Levie was reunited with her son Harry Philippus van Bergen. They were deported to Auschwitz together, where they both were murdered on October 29. None of the family members survived the war.

Philip Hartog van Bergen and Betje de Levie were married in 1935. A wedding photo has been preserved showing the newlyweds standing in front of the door of the synagogue in Ommen. As far as is known, it is the only photo on which the text of the facing stone of the synagogue of Ommen,the Netherlands.

Berje was born in Ommen, on 13 February 1905, and her son Harry was born in Weesp, on 18 October 1936 Both Betje and her son were murdered in Auschwitz, 29 October 1942.

Philip Hartog van Bergen was born in Weesp, the Netherlands, 19 January 1906 He was murdered in Sobibor, 26 March 1943.


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