The Toy Plane- A symbol of hope


It is not often you come across a feelgood Holocaust story but this is one of them.

On 27 September 1942, the Jewish boy Joop Levy went into hiding with his parents. They were taken in by the Ebbers family on their farm in the village of Lintelo in the Achterhoek, a region in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Joop had no friends to play with.

So when there was not an immediate risk, he was allowed to help feed the cows and pigs. The danger of the situation gradually increased. And when a platoon of seventy German soldiers suddenly arrived on the farm, Joop had to spend more than two consecutive weeks hidden in a cubby-hole under the hay. On his eighth birthday, a courier from the Resistance delivered this splendid gift to Joop. His cousin Jonny and a Russian pilot who were hiding close by, at the Geurink family’s farm in Lichtenvoorde, had made this bomber for him from a wooden toilet seat.

(Picture below of Jonny, top left)


On the first anniversary of the Liberation, a parade was held in the nearby village of Varsseveld. Joop joined the procession, dressed as… naturally a pilot, with his plane proudly tucked under his arm.


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