Mottos of Death


To be honest I am not entirely happy with the title of the blog but is the only way I can describe it.

The Nazi regime was evil in deeds and words, they would often use motto’s that would indicate some sense of nobility,positivity and hope but in fact they were cynical and evil.

The motto  “Arbeit macht frei” meaning “work sets you free” was placed at the entrances to a number of Nazi concentration camps. The motto’s use in this instance was ordered by SS General Theodor Eicke, inspector of concentration camps and second commandant of Dachau Concentration Camp.


Jedem das Seine is a German proverb meaning “to each his own” or “to each what he deserves.” It is a translation of the Latin phrase suum cuique.

During World War II the phrase was used by the Nazis as a motto displayed over the entrance of Buchenwald concentration camp.


Blut und Boden Blood and Soil  refers to an ideology that focuses on ethnicity based on two factors, descent bloo.d (of a folk) and territory. It celebrates the relationship of a people to the land they occupy and cultivate, and it places a high value on the virtues of rural living.



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