Jan-Peter and Thomas Pfeffer,murdered age 7 and 10.


I have been doing blogs on the holocaust now for about 18 months. I did  consider giving it a break for a while, not because I didn’t find the stories important but because at times my emotions were getting the better of me, and they were having an impact.

However I then realised I have to tell these stories because soon enough the last survivor of the Holocaust will have perished and who will tell the stories then?

Additionally I came across accounts of victims ,like the Pfeffer brothers,who have to be remembered because no one belonging to them is able to do it for them because they were killed.

I won’t be saying too much about them because the innocence in their eyes should be a stark reminder on how cruel humanity can be.The only reason they were killed was because they were Jewish, They didn’t commit any crimes. They didn’t even get the choice to play ball outside and accidentally break a neighbors window, or come home covered in mud.

No, they were Jewish and that was enough reason to kill them.

Their father, Heinz, was a German-Jewish refugee who married Henriette De Leeuw, a Dutch-Jewish woman. Frightened by the Nazi dictatorship and the murder of Heinz’s uncle in a concentration camp, they emigrated to the Netherlands when Henriette was nine months pregnant. They settled in Amsterdam

On May 18, 1944, Jan-Peter and Tommy and their parents were  deported to Auschwitz. The boys were  gassed on July 11, 1944. Tommy was 7 years old and Jan-Peter was 10.

And even their death was treated as an administrative exercise.

The District Court of Amsterdam ordered 21 June 1957 the change of date of death for Henriette de Leeuw, Jan Peter Pfeffer and Thomas Pfeffer from “about July 1944” into “7 July 1944”



5 thoughts on “Jan-Peter and Thomas Pfeffer,murdered age 7 and 10.

  1. It is clear today that technology has advanced tremendously since WWII, but man’s heart and mind have not. The same thirst for absolute power alive in Germany is alive and well today. We see the throngs of angry frustrated people blaming one race against the other. The fury whipped up by those in power for their own agendas. I see a day coming when good men, women and children will once again be dispatched. 30 years ago I thought is impossible for the Christian world view to be looked down upon. That view and life style is being systematically marginalized and conservatives diminished. Political Correctness is the new speak. It feels a bit like George Orwell’s 1984. A boot perpetually in your face. Truth can only be shared in secret and is considered treason in public.


  2. Sad very sad story. Ten years ago i went to Auschwitz and i visited the dutch permanent exhibition on Holocaust. I read the story of a dutch-juwish family,father,mother and three children whose the last one was a newborn baby. First they were deported to Westerbork on mid-June 1943,then Auschwitz where mother and the three children were killed in the gas chambers.Their father survived three months only. He was killed on November 29,1943. Have you got any more information?


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