The weird world of advertising-Christmas style.


Let it never be said I don’t provide a public service with my blogs.

I know the Christmas season can be a time filled with anxiety and especially for those men who do not know yet what to buy for their wives or girlfriends(or both). That’s why I decided to help along.

With still a month to go Christmas you should have plenty of time to get inspired by these ads from days of yore.A word of warning though if you actually do follow up on these ads, this may well be your last Christmas.

What wive doesn’t want a Hoover for Christmas?

vintage-sexist-ads (44)[3]


Smoking can’t be that bad? Can it?


See even Santa does it?



Heck even President Reagan says it’s okay.



Have you ever seen a jollier Santa?


See, they even got a choice.


You see, Ironing doesn’t have to be hard. You can do it sitting down, and if it is good enough for Mrs Claus….


A dishwasher is not only for Christmas

vintage-sexist-ads (2)[2]

See us men we are not that clever, we need hints every now and then.


And of course the weighing scale.


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