How can you deny this?-The Holocaust evidence



Something I just can’t get my head around is that in this day and age there are still people the Holocaust ever happened. It sickens me to the core.

In an era where we should educate future generation about the Holocaust and other genocides, history is disappearing from the education curriculum in many countries. The fact is that when we forget history , we forfeit our future.

Below are some photographs which come from the Truman Library, they are all photographic evidence of the Holocaust, and even with that some people will say that they are fake and that perhaps I photo shopped them, to be honest I would be too lazy to do that.

I don’t really like posing disturbing pictures because they disturb me too, but sometimes the reality needs to be shown a graphic manner.

These are examples of photographic evidence taken at the time of liberation or shortly afterwards.

German civilians of Weimar witness a truckload of prisoners dead at Buchenwald concentration camp. The civilians were forced by the U.S. Third Army Military Police to witness evidence of atrocities at the camp.


Physical evidence of malnutrition in one of the prisoners murdered by fleeing Nazis before the Ohrdurf concentration camp was captured by Third Army troops.


In a large barn just at the edge of Gardenlegen, Germany, political prisoners were burned to death by S. S. troops in an attempt to remove “evidence” in the face of the advancing Allied forces. The 9th U S Army troops captured the Gardenlegen area before the Germans had time to bury all the dead.


Truman press release


These emaciated, nude corpses, stacked like cord-wood in a bin at the concentration camp at Gotha, Germany were strewn with quicklime in a hap-hazarded attempt to destroy evidence.


I don’t know the origin of the last picture. It portrays a child survivor of the holocaust. She was asked to draw “home” she drew  scribbles and random lines. It illustrates how the horrors of the concentration camp affected her mind. Chaos is probably the best way to describe the drawing, but more the the drawing, her eyes tell a more chilling story.



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