Holocaust in words


It is said that a picture paints a thousand words , and it does, but that also means that sometimes a picture is just to horrible to look at it, for just a glimpse can evoke a thousand emotions. There are so many images of the Holocaust which are just to gruesome to view, However sometimes just the words of victims can have a deeper emotional impact that lasts.

Below are just some examples of last words send to family members, either on postcard or letter. I don’t know the dates but that doesn’t matter for the words are just so powerful.

A message from Margot Triest’s mother.

“Little treasure, I’m sure you have found girlfriends already. Always take care of yourself, little one, always be well and have fun … Always be brave, little girl, and with God’s help, we will see one another again.”

Margot did not see her mother again, The words were written on a postcard, and Margot;s Mother had thrown the postcard out of the train, bur miraculously it was found and given to Margot.

A message from Ernst Bornstein’s parents(excerpts from letters send to Ernst)

“As time passed by we received more terrible news about the “Aussiedlung” (the resettlement of the Jewish population) .

“We are standing in front of our wagons because our town is now Judenrein. Like other transports before us, we are probably going to the extermination at Auschwitz. Stay strong and make sure that you stay alive. And do not forget all this.”

A message from Fanya Barbakow(Excerpt from her last letter)

“My dear ones!! I am writing this letter before my death, but I don’t know the exact day that I and all my relatives will be killed, just because we are Jews. All of our Jewish brothers and sisters were murdered and died a shameful death at the hands of the murderers… I don’t know who will remain alive from our family, and who will have the honor of reading my letter and my proud greeting before death to all my beloved and dear ones tortured at the hands of the murderers.”


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Yad Vashem


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