Star Trek to boldly go… hey wait a minute we are there already.

History of Sorts


Netflix has released a new series in the Star Trek franchise called “Star Trek Discovery” I don’t want to judge because I have only watched the first episode so far, which left me a bit underwhelmed to say the least.

There were just a few things that annoyed me and maybe I was to focused on that, For starters the ship isn’t called Discover but Shenzhou, and the main character although a woman is called Michael.


Maybe there are trying to be just too political correct which leads me to the purpose of this blog. Star Trek has always been politically correct but in a positive way, for example they were the first show to show an  interracial kiss.


But were they were really ahead of their time was in the actual science, especially the original season. Lets have a look at some of the scientific gadgets used in Star…

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