Punishments in Auschwitz

Block 11

Killing the Jews and other so called “subhumans” in Auschwitz just wasn’t enough for the Nazi regime. Examples had to be made too, these examples were made by carrying out punishments.

Most of these punishment were carried out in Block 11 this was also the place where the first attempts to kill people with Zyklon B were implemented.

The punishments were completely random. Prisoners received a variety of punishments for the same ‘offenses’. The most common punishments were flogging and confinement. often solitary.Block 11 had special torture chambers in which various punishments were carried out on prisoners. Punishment like  being locked in a dark chamber for several days or being forced to stand in one of four standing cells,where four people would be  crammed together, able only to stand. There was only a 2″ opening for air, so that prisoners wouldn’t die of suffocation.

The punishments were often carried out as penalties for ‘crimes’ such as picking an apple.  Marie Tajfelbaum, was sentenced to 5 days in a standing cell for picking an apple, as it states on the punishment report below. Just imagine 5 days standing, no seats, no bed, no place to rest your legs, just standing up straight 5 days and 5 nights.


Then of course there was the ‘crime’ of trying to go to the toilet in privacy. On the punishment reports below  it states that prisoner “Ludevit Katz despite being forbidden, the prisoner went behind block 7 to relieve himself”. The relieve referred to making a poo. Ludevit would have been severely punished for this. The handwriting is not very clear, but it indicates whatever punishment it was it was multiplied by 3.

card 2

I am not sure if either Marie or Ludevitz survived the war, somehow I doubt it given the fact that they had a;ready been picked our for punishments.


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