Please tell me not every animal rights activist is this evil?


I usually don’t do political blogs, but today I received a comment on a Holocaust blog I wrote a few months ago called “Killing Humans is okay, but don’t boil a lobster-Nazi animal welfare.”

Today I received a comment on the blog by an animal right activist who calls him or herself ‘Fart Cat’ the comment is probably the vilest comment I ever received.

Below is the full comment by Fart Cat using email address

“They sent animal abusers to die like the vermin they are. Animal rights should take priority over human “complaining” 7.6 billion and counting dwarfing all but insects. If I had to choose between murdering millions of innocent animals or millions of guilty of something people its the people that have to die.Culling people is a better investment than an animal mass murder campaign.”


There seems to be something in the psyche of animal rights activisted which is very sick and twisted.

In July 2011 ,former Smiths foreman Morissey compared the massacre of 77 young people in Norway to what happens in McDonalds and KFC every day.

“We all live in a murderous world, as the events in Norway have shown, with 97 [sic] dead. Though that is nothing compared to what happens in McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried shit every day.”

He even got the number of casualties wrong.

PETA -People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have several times compared the killing of farm animals like chickens,cows and lambs as an equal crime as the Holocaust.


When I see that it makes me feel sick, this is pure evil propaganda.

What is even more sickening they involved Natalie Portman , who is Jewish, in their campaign. In a video Natalie implies that author and animal rights activist Isaac Bashevis Singer was a Holocaust survivor. He wasn’t in 1935, four years before the German invasion, Singer emigrated from Poland to the United States.

In the video Natalie Portman quotes that Singer also compared the killing of animals to the Holocaust. I have found no evidence that he ever said that. I did find something on his views on animal cruelty but PETA and Natalie Portman took that completely out of context.


If there is any animal rights activist out there please tell me you are not all that twisted,misguided and evil.


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