A single Chess piece


A single chess piece with little of no value, yet it is invaluable.

A bit of carved wood part of the game of 32 pieces, 16 white ,16 black.

A game played by millions and played by people of all religions and none.

A game which equally unites and divides people.

This pawn piece says so much and also so little. It was found in the vicinity  Auschwitz’s Crematorium III.

The owner of the pawn was murdered, cast aside like a pawn him or herself.Chess,such an honorable game ,played by prince and pauper alike. But there was no honor in those who killed the owner of this pawn piece. No honor indeed, just evil and a warped elevated sense of themselves. The notion that they were above everyone else, where in fact is was them who were the vermin, Vermin dressed in uniforms decorated with a swastika

Rest in peace poor chess player. I hope you can continue your game in heaven.

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