A pair of shoes


The saying goes”If you want to get to know somebody? Walk a mile in their shoes.”

These shoes were found in Auschwitz and are on display in the Jewish Museum in London. I don’t know if is the actual shoes which are on display or of it is just a photograph.It doesn’t really matter

All that matters is that they once belonged to a human being, just like you and me.

A human being that needed air to breathe, food to stop the hunger and water, tea, coffee or any other beverage to quench a thirst.

A human being who needed shoes to protect their feet and keep them dry and warm.

All of these things we take for granted. We don’t even give it a second thought.

However the human being who owned these shoes was deprived from all those basic daily needs. Even the shoes were taken from him or her, when they arrived in Auschwitz.

I do not know if the shoes belonged to a man woman or child or if the owner of these shoes survived the hell that was Auschwitz. More then likely he or she was murdered.

Even if they survived we would not be able to walk a mile in their shoes because we could not possibly fathom the life they had.

This is just one pair, but there were millions and millions more of them. Millions of miles to be walked, an impossible task, an impossible thought.


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