Walk a mile in your shoes.


As the title might suggest I was trying to find some poetic sentences to describe this picture.

But I couldn’t,because the more I looked at the picture the less sense it made. In fact it made no sense to me at all.

What is the sense of keeping all these shoes? Were they meant as trophies? Of all the attire that one possesses , the shoes are the most personal items.Looking at my own feet, I am a size 13, additionally my feet are wide and high. No one could ever walk a mile in my shoes, no one but me anyway.

That brings me back to my questions, why keep these shoes? They will be useless to others because they won’t fit.

Looking at the picture I also realized that no one of us, except for those very few survivors, could ever walk a mile in these shoes, figuratively speaking. This picture represent a hate, not a hate borne out of dislike, but hate borne out of pure evil. A hate so great that millions were murdered. Millions and millions pairs of shoes left behind.They would walk never again.

And as I looked at a picture I thought, it makes no economical sense either, Millions killed out of pure hate, a hate that even jeopardized an economy. Millions of people who would never again buy new shoes,clothes,jewelry or furniture. Millions who would never ever again to their daily grocery shopping.

What makes someone hate his fellow human being so much that he or she is even willing to negatively affect his or her future prosperity.

As I said this hate was borne out of evil. Someone told me today that hate eats one from the inside. and that is true for hate borne out of dislike, however when the origin is evil the hate gets combined with ignorance. Of those who committed these millions of crimes it is sometimes said they were brainwashed and were following orders, but you only get brainwashed if you allow it. So few showed any remorse of what they did and even that remorse was not genuine. The majority had no issues with their conscience, killing came just as easy as eating an apple.

Looking at the picture it made no sense to me that there are still some who say the Holocaust never happened.


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