From the Ashes Stars were born.


I had a dream last night, why I had it I don’t know and I am not sure what it means, but it was a sad and also beautiful dream and that’s why I am sharing it.

The dream was probably triggered by an article I read recently. The article said that the corpses of the murdered were burned in the crematoria. Sonderkommando prisoners used wooden mallets to crush not fully burnt bones into powder. Some ashes were dumped in the Sola river near Auschwitz.

The Dream

The ashes were slowly flying from the chimneys of the crematoria into the sky. They traveled a long distance and once the ashes hit the outer atmosphere they got compressed like charcoal.

The journey continued and in the now more solid substance of the ashes little sparks appeared and more parts crushed into each other increasing in size. And the further the journey went the bigger they became and the sparks became more frequents.

Then at one stage all the compressed ashes came together and formed one giant sphere. The journey continued and suddenly an explosion ,followed by a specter of lots of colors. It looked like a reversed supernova.

The giant sphere had turned into millions of stars.

Later on the stars were looking down on our planet and from their bright lights  water fell down, The stars were crying because despite the evil that had killed them as human beings, their existence was still questioned and lessons were not yet learned.

Tonight I will look at the stars and tell them they are not forgotten.


It was such a vivid dream.

Tonight I will look at the stars and tell them they are not forgotten



  1. columbo1es says:

    Beautiful sentiment. Meaningful dream. I also look to the stars. There is an American Indian saying that the stars are loved ones we’ve lost, and they are guiding us and protecting us from the heavens.


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